Ol’ Grass Hills Islands – 30 mesh islands

Ol’ Grass Hills Islands are original mesh inside sim and outside sim items, made specifically for OpenSim worlds. Use outside sim islands as original sim surroundings with asymmetrical offsim environment, and add some inside islands for more original look of your regions.

Full set contains 30 items. There are 3 shapes of islands – A, B and C. Every shape has 5 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Early Winter and Severe Winter)
Every shape and season is prepared as outside sim – offsim item, phantom, with invisible (100% alpha) root prim, and as inside item, island with walkable physics.

Main features:

- Scalable as you need – maximal size is 256 meters (or according to your grid) as island bigger than region, minimal size is bonsai to your plant.
- Use your own textures instead of default ones. Make your own islands, blend it with your own terrain or sea. Hill texture for inside island has to be same for all hills. Outside sim items can change texture for every single hill.
- No megaprims. Safe in every OpenSim world with default settings.
- No scripts inside.
- You are not inside mesh prims. No problem like with sculpted full sim environments.
- Mesh pieces are prims in linkset, you can move them, if you want.

Complete list of islands features is available at Feature page.


Available at Kitely Market




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