Dragons’ Cliffs – mesh sim surroundings in 5 seasons

Sim surroundings by virtual infinity are original mesh offsim environments, made specifically for OpenSim worlds.
Full set contains 26 items, every season is represented by full sim surroundings, 2 different corner pieces and 2 different edge pieces. Last item is shallow water for full Sim surrounding – not linked to sim pieces, use it optionally.
One season contains 5 items, full sim, 2 corner pieces and 2 edge pieces in selected season, 1 shallow water for Sim surrounding.
Rez the selected item. Move it by editing, change position of item into 128,128, 60 for higher cliffs, or 128, 128, 45 for more sunken surroundings. Rotate Edge and Corner items if needed. That is all, your surrounding is set up.
Rez Shallow Water piece and move it into 128, 128, 70. Change position slightly for different visibility under water.
Complete list of surroundings features is available at Feature page.

Available at Kitely Market

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