Virtual infinity sim surroundings and islands are intended for using in OpenSim virtual vorlds.
Maximal size of prims in linksets is less than 128 meters. There are no megaprims used. All items are safe for every OpenSim world, where maximal size of prim is 128 meters or more. Default value in OpenSim is 256 meters, so most of existing worlds are safe for using virtual infinity products. Anyway, using of items was tested in these worlds:
- Local OpenSim standalone with default settings
- Kitely
- Metropolis
- OSgrid
- FrancoGrid
- Littlefield
- Craft World
- German Grid
- Zandramas Grid (thanks to Zandramas Management)
Are you using virtual infinity item in other grid? Let me know.

At your region, you are not in the middle of mesh prims, not even in case of full sim surroundings rezzed. There are no problems like these known in case you rez ful sim sculpted surroundings (no possibility to sit on non-scripted object etc.)
Only inside prim is the root prim of item, it is small (about 15 x 15 meters) and it is probably high above your terrain.

You can use surroundings for single region or for megaregions of any sizes:

You can use your own textures for main parts of surroundings and islands. It is be specified in every single product page, if some parts are not available for using common plain texture instead of original textures. You can change repeating of textures, tinting and other texture features.


Parts of surroundings are separate prims, you can change their position, if you like. And if you know, what you are doing.

Every items are provided with copy and modify permissions, and with Kitely Market Export option for delivering into hypergrid.

Offsim items has no walkable physics, you cannot use them as inside sim items, or at least you cannot walk on them. Items are phantom, even if they are partitially inside of sim.
Inside sim items have always walkable physic, you can walk them same as you walk system terrain. Unlinking of mesh items can broke the physics, do not do that, if you are not sure what you are doing.

Sim surroundings do not content any scripts inside. Rez them and change position to 128,128 at sim. Root prim is box with 100% alpha, you cannot see it. Press Ctrl+Alt (opt)+T for highligting transparent prims.


Recommended Draw Distance (Preferences – Graphics – Draw Distance) is at least 512 meters, if you want to see surroundings from any spot on your sim. For taking snapshot is needed maximal Draw Distance – 1024 meters.

For better manipulation with surroundings, change your MaxSelectDistance at least for 256 meters, and MaxDragDistance at least for 128 meters.
Both settings are available at Advanced Menu (Ctrl+Alt/Opt+D) or Develop Menu (Ctrl-Alt/Opt-Q) in Debug Settings.
Uncheck Limit Select Distance, check Disable Camera Constraints, both in Advanced Menu.