Dragons’ Cliffs Islands – 60pcs Mesh Islands and Outside Sims in 5 seasons

Dragons’ Cliffs Islands are original mesh inside sim and outside sim items compatible with previous Dragons’ Cliffs sim surroundings.
Full set contains 60 items.
There are 6 shapes of islands – A to F. Every shape has 5 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Early Winter and Severe Winter)
Every shape and season is prepared as outside sim – offsim item, phantom, with invisible (100% alpha) root prim, and as inside item, island with walkable physics. Walkable part is grass. Rocks and trees are phantom.
Prim count:
Outside pieces: 6 prim each
Inside pieces: 5 prim each

See details at Kitely Market product page, try items inworld at Kitely:

Available in Kitely Market
Inworld at Kitely

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